Borderless Leadership Suite

The Borderless Leadership™ Model is the result of over a decade of work and research into global leadership by Sapna Masih Advani, PhD, one of the co-founders of MasihWhite. Through her work with leaders from over 30 countries, two facts stood out:

That leadership literature, theories, education and training have a largely Western viewpoint that has served well and held true for several decades.
That these same theories and training are consistently failing in the emerging markets in Asia-Pacific, and even in the West, in recent years.

The Borderless Leadership™ Model is a new approach to leadership that draws on the essence of Asian and Western practice, and informs the entire range of leadership issues from values and ethics to education and practice.
MasihWhite offers a suite of services built around the Borderless Leadership™ Model. Offerings range from Borderless Leader™ Incubation Programs for HiPos, to Borderless Leadership™ Labs for middle and senior level leaders, and Borderless Leadership™ framework consulting and coaching for C-level executives.

Western multinationals are fighting a daily battle trying to develop local leaders in Asia to lead their joint ventures and subsidiaries in the Region. In parallel, they are struggling to develop Western talent that can lead with equal ease on its home ground and in the Asia Pacific. Asian companies, for their part, are importing leadership concepts and practices – including whole competency frameworks – and paying a high price in under-performance and a failure to reach full performance and potential.

Borderless Leadership™ offers a viable leadership model for Asian leaders and for Western executives leading in Asia. Leaders working in emerging markets, who are trying to find a reference point as the world changes around them, will find it an empowering framework. It enables individual and organizational excellence through leveraging the very complexity of worldview that has proven a threat to traditional leadership ideas.

The Model travels well. Rooted in robust research and tempered with common sense, it is equally as applicable for Western leaders leading in their home countries who have seen their age-old models challenged in the face of recent well-documented and catastrophic failures of corporate leadership.

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