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MasihWhite is a response to a very real need: The need for developing local and foreign talent that can seamlessly steer organisations in the Asia-Pacific through constant change.

According to recent studies, developing cross-border talent is the top priority for a majority of Asia-based CEOs. The process of building the leadership pipeline is continually challenged by the rapid spread of businesses across geographies, the inherent uncertainties of doing business in Asia, and high attrition rates. In the face of this complexity, the talent pipeline is easily eroded by uncoordinated talent acquisition, deployment, development, and retention efforts, and by the constant state of flux in the Region.

Today, C-suite leaders in organisations in Asia are under unprecedented pressure – making critical decisions in a fast-changing, multi-layered, multi-cultural business environment, with limited visibility into the future.

In this highly innovative, fast-changing market, the only leadership solutions that work are those that are anchored in constant innovation. And innovation is at the heart of MasihWhite.

MasihWhite offers pioneering solutions to modern leadership issues. Its well-researched, cutting-edge models and tools for leadership and decision-making empower executives to achieve success. And to replicate it.

Our founding partners have, between them, over 40 years of government, corporate, and consulting experience to bear on current business problems. Their interventions are grounded in research and deep industry knowledge.

The Borderless Leadership™ Model, for example, came out of years of seeing Western leaders struggle with the ground reality of leading in Asia, even when they came armed with management degrees and decades of rich experience in the West; and from watching Asian managers attempting to work to a Western paradigm, all the while consciously downplaying their own strengths. It is a powerful Model that goes back to the basics and helps leaders, from any part of the world, to build their own individual leadership framework, based on their core beliefs.

And there is much, much more: Coming soon is a paradigm-shifting diagnostic complete with associated consultancy services that will help your company to succeed in strategic change: not just for one change project – but for always, moving forward. Based on the very latest neuroscience research, it is so powerful that we are keeping our powder dry on this one until ready to launch – in just a few short months.

Innovation, Partnership, and Quality are the three pillars of MasihWhite. It is a pan-Asian organization that understands Asian needs. Its thought leadership is tempered with humility and respect for a Region that has centuries of business history. Its partnerships are based on listening because innovation comes from building on shared wisdom.


If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is that organisations need strong leadership more than ever! A remote-working environment offers fresh challenges to engaging, motivating and inspiring people. Change is happening faster than ever, and effective change leadership is on every leader’s mind. At MasihWhite, we crack the leadership code for a post-pandemic normal. Our focus, as always, remains on making leadership insights pragmatic and immediately applicable, while helping leaders and their organisations build for the future.

Sapna Masih Advani, PhD
Managing Director
© 2016 MasihWhite Pte Ltd

© 2016 MasihWhite Pte Ltd